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Vitasis is founded in İstanbul , Türkiye to serve its customers to help about their digitalization journey for their substations with proven expertise in the market powered by its core team. Vitasis core team have very wide experience in various applications including Protection & Control , Substation Automation , Grid Automation , SCADA, PLC , RTU , Commmunication Solutions for High Voltage Substations , Medium Voltage Substations and Industrial facilities.




Industrial Solutions by Vitasis

Vitasis is a trusted partner in the Industrial Segment, offering a wide range of solutions designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and reliability of industrial operations. Our expertise spans across industries, including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Cement, Mining , Steel & Iron and other facilities. We understand the unique challenges and demands of these sectors, and our comprehensive offerings are tailored to address their specific needs.

Tailored Solutions for Industrial Excellence

1. Oil & Gas: In the Oil & Gas industry, reliability and safety are paramount. Vitasis provides robust Substation Automation Systems, Electrical Control System ,Control & Protection Cabinets, PLC & Automation Cabinets and IoT & Cloud Solutions to ensure the uninterrupted operation of critical infrastructure, such as drilling rigs, refineries, and pipelines. Our solutions enhance process control, reduce downtime, and facilitate predictive maintenance.

2. Chemical: Chemical plants require precision and control. Our Electrical Control systems , Substation Automation Systems and PLC & Automation Solutions are customized to meet the stringent requirements of chemical processes. From batch control to hazardous area solutions, Vitasis supports chemical manufacturers in optimizing production and ensuring safety.

3. Cement: In the cement industry, energy efficiency and sustainability are key drivers. Our Control Systems and Energy Management Solutions help cement plants monitor and control their operations, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. We offer customized solutions for kiln control, grinding, and material handling.

4. Steel & Iron: Steel and Iron production demands high-performance control systems. Vitasis provides PLC & Automation Solutions that optimize steelmaking processes, from blast furnaces to rolling mills. Our solutions enhance productivity, quality control, and equipment reliability in this heavy industrial sector.

5. Mining : Mining industries demands reliability , safety  and precision. Our  tailor made Electrical Control Systems , PLC & Automation Systems and Substation Automation systems help mining facilities to monitor and control their critical Operations.

Key Benefits of Choosing Vitasis for Industrial Solutions

Industry Expertise

Vitasis possesses in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Cement, and Steel & Iron industries.


We work closely with industrial clients to tailor solutions that precisely match their operational requirements and production goals.


Our solutions are engineered for reliability and performance in demanding industrial environments, ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Vitasis prioritizes safety in industrial solutions, incorporating features to protect personnel, assets, and the environment.

Energy Efficiency

Our solutions help industrial clients reduce energy consumption, optimize processes, and minimize environmental impact.

Support and Training

Vitasis offers comprehensive support and training to ensure that industrial operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Empower your industrial operations with Vitasis Industrial Solutions. Contact us today to explore how our offerings can enhance the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of your processes in all kind of critical industrial applications.