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Vitasis is founded in İstanbul , Türkiye to serve its customers to help about their digitalization journey for their substations with proven expertise in the market powered by its core team. Vitasis core team have very wide experience in various applications including Protection & Control , Substation Automation , Grid Automation , SCADA, PLC , RTU , Commmunication Solutions for High Voltage Substations , Medium Voltage Substations and Industrial facilities.


PLC and Automation Solutions

PLC and Automation Solutions

PLC & Automation Solutions: Elevating Electrification Processes

At Vitasis, we recognize the pivotal role that automation plays in modern electrification processes. Our PLC & Automation Solutions are designed to optimize and streamline operations, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and control in various industrial and electrical applications. With our comprehensive portfolio, you can achieve seamless automation, ensuring your processes run smoothly and effectively.

Streamlined Automation for Electrification

Customized Solutions: Vitasis offers tailor-made PLC and automation solutions that align with your specific electrification needs. We understand that each project is unique, and we work closely with you to develop a solution that fits perfectly.

Enhanced Control: Our solutions provide precise control over electrical processes, improving operational flexibility and reducing manual intervention.

Efficiency Boost: Automation leads to increased efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced productivity, resulting in cost savings and improved sustainability.

Reliable Performance: With Vitasis’ automation solutions, you can count on consistent and reliable performance, ensuring minimal downtime and optimized resource utilization.

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Portfolio

Our range includes Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), industrial automation software, and more.

Technical Expertise

Vitasis' team of automation experts offers guidance and support to ensure the successful implementation and operation of your PLC & Automation Solutions.


Our solutions are scalable, allowing you to adapt to changing demands and expand your electrification processes as needed.


Safety is paramount. We incorporate advanced safety features into our automation systems to protect personnel and equipment.

Integration Capabilities

Vitasis' solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems, enabling a smooth transition to automated processes.

Data Analysis

Gain valuable insights through data analysis and reporting capabilities, helping you make informed decisions and optimize processes.

Partner in Electrification Excellence

Vitasis is your partner in electrification excellence, offering PLC & Automation Solutions that bring efficiency, control, and reliability to your processes. Whether you’re in manufacturing, energy distribution, or any other industry, our automation solutions empower you to achieve your electrification goals efficiently and sustainably.

Contact us today to explore how Vitasis’ PLC & Automation Solutions can transform your electrification processes and drive success in your operations.