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Vitasis is founded in İstanbul , Türkiye to serve its customers to help about their digitalization journey for their substations with proven expertise in the market powered by its core team. Vitasis core team have very wide experience in various applications including Protection & Control , Substation Automation , Grid Automation , SCADA, PLC , RTU , Commmunication Solutions for High Voltage Substations , Medium Voltage Substations and Industrial facilities.


RTU and Telecommunication Solutions

RTU and Telecommunication Solutions

RTU & Telecommunication Solutions: Enabling Connectivity and Control

Vitasis offers comprehensive RTU & Telecommunication Solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of electrical distribution, electrical transmission, and industrial sectors. In today’s fast-paced world, seamless communication and real-time monitoring are essential. Our solutions empower you to stay connected, optimize operations, and ensure the reliability and efficiency of your critical systems.

Vitasis has a strong track record of providing innovative Grid Automation Solutions to utilities, industries, and infrastructure providers. When you partner with us, you benefit from:

Elevating Connectivity and Control

Electrical Distribution: In the realm of electrical distribution, reliability is key. Vitasis’ RTU & Telecommunication Solutions enable utilities and distribution companies to monitor and control their networks efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and rapid response to incidents.

Electrical Transmission: For electrical transmission systems, real-time data and communication are essential. Our solutions facilitate the transmission of critical data, allowing operators to make informed decisions, minimize downtime, and ensure the reliability of high-voltage networks.

Industrial Applications: In industrial settings, connectivity is the linchpin of efficiency. Vitasis’ solutions provide real-time monitoring and control, enabling industries to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve safety.


Key Features and Benefits

Remote Monitoring

Monitor and control critical assets and processes remotely, reducing the need for on-site visits and minimizing downtime.

Seamless Connectivity

Ensure reliable and high-speed communication through a variety of telecommunication technologies, including LTE and 5G.


Our solutions are scalable, accommodating the changing needs of your operations and ensuring future-proof connectivity.

Data Security

Vitasis prioritizes data security, implementing robust encryption and authentication measures to protect your sensitive information.


Seamlessly integrate our solutions with your existing systems, allowing for easy adoption and integration.

Technical Support

Rely on Vitasis' technical experts for support, guidance, and maintenance, ensuring your RTU & Telecommunication system operates at peak performance.

Connectivity for a Connected World

Vitasis’ RTU & Telecommunication Solutions empower industries to thrive in the digital age by embracing connectivity, efficiency, and reliability. Whether you’re in electrical distribution, electrical transmission, or industrial applications, our solutions provide the connectivity you need to optimize your critical systems and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Contact us today to explore how Vitasis’ RTU & Telecommunication Solutions can transform your operations, enabling smarter, more efficient connectivity and control.